What are "Facial Antidepressants"?

The Facial Antidepressant

Ask any psychiatrist/psychologist/therapist about what they have seen this past year and they will tell you: more and more people went on antidepressants due to the new uncertainty of the future with COVID. While that is helpful in these times of the unknown, we have found another way to feel good!

It has been studied that when someone smiles, they feel better, almost inevitably. It has also been confirmed that when one is not able to frown due to neuromodulators (Dysport or Botox), there are fewer self-reports of depression. So how do we keep those positive feelings going?

Looking Positive

Even with the mass mask wearing, there are ways to see if someone is smiling behind the covering. When one’s cheeks are slightly elevated, it creates a positive, welcoming look that makes the observer feel more at ease. Feeling at ease is really important these days since mask wearing tends to make people look at each other with an odd suspicion. Allowing a little of the Crow’s to show by doing the “Baby Botox” or “Dysport Defining” instead of a full freeze around the eyes also says “I’m smiling!”, while still keeping the eyes opened brightly. 

The Antidepressant Key

There are two telltale signs of looking sad or depressed, even if you’re not: hollowed-out cheeks and a down-turned mouth. We aren’t talking “reach for the sky” or “big apple” cheeks, just the youthful anterior projection and ogee curve that seems to disappear over time. Placing a moderate amount of Restylane Lyft or Juvéderm Voluma, or even the novel RH4, will instantly create a revived, youthful, confident look that will make everyone wonder if they can look like that too!

Restylane Lyft can also be placed in the corners of the mouth to return the lateral or upward position that looks self-assured and poised. This is so very important in this current state of the ubiquitous Zoom meetings. Really, it’s hard to stand out in a Zoom meeting (in a good way!), but by looking positive, happy, and composed, you will. 

Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, APRN Bonnie K. Marting, DNP, APRN, is a renowned aesthetic and laser specialist. Clients from all over the world value her deep knowledge of facial anatomy and her ability to transform their look with a light and natural touch at Anushka Medical Spa in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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