Put Your Best Face Forward With Regular Chemical Peels

If you’re looking for a skin refresh, you may want to consider a chemical peel. Also known as medical peels, these minimally invasive treatments involve the use of a chemical solution. Once it’s applied to your skin, the top, often damaged layer will gradually peel off, revealing a smoother, more vibrant complexion. Getting chemical peels regularly may help you achieve the lasting radiance you’re hoping for.

At Anushka Med Spa, Dr. Bonnie K. Marting, aka “Dr. Bonnie,” and her expert team provide numerous types of chemical peels, all aimed at bringing about more vibrant, youthful skin. Read on to learn more about chemical peels, including different types and their benefits. 

Types of chemical peels

Your ideal type of chemical peel will vary, depending on factors such as the area or areas of your face you’re most concerned about. Four popular peels we offer include:

Chemical peels may also reduce the appearance of mild scars, address certain types of acne, minimize age spots, and improve the texture of your skin.

What to expect during your chemical peels

Before your chemical peel begins, your provider will cleanse your skin thoroughly. Then they’ll apply one or more chemical solutions, which may contain ingredients such as lactic acid, salicylic acid, or glycolic acid, to small amounts of skin in the treatment areas. These solutions stimulate wounds, allowing new skin to be revealed.

During your treatment, you’ll likely experience a burning sensation for around 5-10 minutes, followed by stinging. If you’re bothered by the stinging sensation, cool compresses can help. If you have an especially deep peel, you may benefit from pain-relieving medication. We find that new collagen growth appears within 4-6 weeks of treatment, which is when you’ll see full results.

Good candidates for chemical peels

Most anyone can benefit from a chemical peel, as long as there’s no chronic or inflammatory skin condition at play. In general, people with light hair and fair skin are especially good candidates for chemical peels. If you have darker skin, you can still get good results, but you may end up with a less even skin tone afterwards. To prevent this, talk to one of our experts about which chemical peel or alternative treatment may be best for you.

If your skin issues go beyond surface problems and you’re hoping for benefits such as wrinkle reduction, you may want to consider a different or additional treatment. While chemical peels may not sufficiently reduce severe wrinkles, you could have a peel and then schedule a dermal filler appointment once your skin is ready, for example. You could also consider laser skin resurfacing

How often to schedule chemical peels

How often you can schedule chemical peels depends on factors such as the intensity of your peel and how your skin responds. If you have a light chemical peel, we may recommend an additional treatment every 2-5 weeks or so. Deeper chemical peels may require more time in between treatments.

To learn more about chemical peels or give one a try, call our office at 561-264-6896. We would love to help you reach your aesthetic goals as comfortably as possible.


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