Modern Butt Lift with Sculptra® Aesthetic

Do you wish you had more volume and lift in your derriere, but the thought of butt lift surgery isn’t appealing? You can have

While some of us wish our backsides were significantly smaller, there are numerous women who wish their glutes were rounder, firmer, and a bit plumper than what they were born with. If you’re in the latter camp, but you don’t want to undergo invasive butt lift surgery and a long, inconvenient recovery period, then a modern butt lift with Sculptra® Aesthetic may be the ideal solution. 

Here at Anushka Med Spa in West Palm Beach, Florida, you can get a subtle lift and a more shapely derriere without surgery. Dr. Bonnie K. Marting and our team of exceptionally skilled aesthetic professionals, offer an easy butt lift procedure that gives you an instant fullness, just where you want it. Discover if a customized Sculptra Aesthetic butt lift can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. 

How Sculptra Aesthetic works

You may have heard about Sculptra Aesthetic for its ability to plump up your facial features and restore lost volume to aging skin. But, did you know that this cosmetic injectable can be used to increase volume in your butt, too? Wherever Dr. Bonnie injects Sculptra Aesthetic, it works the same way, by prompting your body to produce new collagen. 

New collagen growth improves the support structure underneath the surface of your skin so the area — in this case, your buttocks — appears firmer and more youthful, with a subtle lift. Sculptra Aesthetic is a unique cosmetic injectable, in that it contains microparticles called poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). These microparticles stimulate collagen growth and then get absorbed into your skin tissue. 

PLLA is safe, as it is commonly found in dissolvable stitches. It’s biocompatible and biodegradable. 

The benefits of a Sculptra Aesthetic nonsurgical butt lift

The Brazilian butt lift is a popular surgical procedure that involves liposuction and fat transfer. This means you essentially undergo two procedures at the same time: liposuction from one area of your body and a fat transfer into your buttocks. 

Less invasive

In contrast, the Sculptra Aesthetic nonsurgical butt lift involves only a local anesthetic and carefully placed injections that add volume to your butt. This nonsurgical procedure is much faster and much less invasive than a traditional butt lift. 

Less risky

A cosmetic injectable butt lift is less risky than undergoing surgery, too. You don’t have to go under general anesthesia or the knife with Sculptra Aesthetic injections. And, we can perform your modern butt lift right here in the office.

Short recovery

Additionally, about 24 hours after a Sculptra Aesthetic butt lift, you can resume all of your daily activities. The same cannot be said for recovery from invasive surgery, which often takes weeks. 

Subtle enhancement

Sculptra Aesthetic is also more subtle than a surgical butt lift, which is ideal for many people, who don’t want an overly obvious outcome, but rather an overall enhancement. Dr. Bonnie customizes your Sculptra Aesthetic butt lift, which means you get the desired shape you want over the course of several appointments, and the results can last up to two years. 

If you’ve been wanting to improve your natural curves, but don’t want to take the time or the risk of invasive surgery, the modern butt lift with Sculptra Aesthetic can help you feel more confident in all your clothes, including your favorite bikini. 

We look forward to treating you like a celebrity and providing you with an exceptional medspa experience. Give us a call today at 561-468-6896 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bonnie, or book an appointment online at your earliest convenience.

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