How Do Chemical Peels Improve My Under Eye Area?

Your eyes are one of the first features people notice about you. But as you age, under-eye bags, wrinkles, and dark circles show up and often cloud the youthful appearance you once had. Are you looking for a way to banish signs of aging without needles or scalpels?

Chemical peels are a non-invasive way to refresh the skin around your eyes to give you brighter, glowing skin. Anushka Med Spa, located in West Palm Beach, Florida improves the appearance of wrinkles and aging in patients with the use of medical-grade chemical peels.

The secret to flawless skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Throughout your life, it’s exposed to pollution, make-up, sweat, chemicals, and much more. It’s only normal that after years of this wear and tear it starts to look dull.

There’s a beautiful, baby-smooth layer of skin lying underneath your top layer. But what’s the best way to reveal this pristine complexion?

Chemical peels are made of a safe acid-based solution that lifts away dirt and dead skin to encourage cell regrowth. As the top layer peels away, your body sends signals to ramp up its production in skin cells, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Hence the name. Your skin peels for about a week following your treatment leaving you with fresh, younger-looking skin.

No pain, lots of gain

Chemical peels are a non-invasive way to turn back the clock. Injectables and IPL may provide similar results, but have more risks and discomfort associated with them.

Chemical peels are one of the safest treatments for all ages and skin types. If you're looking for anti-aging benefits with no discomfort, peels are a cost-effective way to get noticeable results. 

Our medical-grade peels feel like a relaxing spa-treatment but provide the most dramatic results possible from a peel. You can think of it as the ultimate self-care treatment.

A peel specifically for your eyes

The skin around your eyes is fragile, leaving it more susceptible to the signs of aging. Our “Eye Rescue” peel targets this fine skin. Plus, it's packed with ingredients to firm your complexion, diminish wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of under-eye circles.

Bonnie Marting, DNP, APRN applies the “Eye Rescue” peel to the skin around your eyes and up to your bottom lashes. The chemical peel only takes about an hour but your body continues to build collagen for days following the procedure. This increase in collagen also helps thicken the skin under your eyes which can reduce those pesky dark circles.

Your skin care products work better 

Not only does your skin look better, but your beauty products will be more effective. Chemical peels banish dead skin cells, leaving your products to sink into your pores at a higher rate. Say goodbye to the look of caked-on foundation and hello to dewy, flawless skin. Your skin will look healthier and clearer so you may not even need to wear foundation.

Visit us online to schedule your chemical peel today.

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