Get Lip Fillers and Love Your Lips

Lips are one of the most attractive facial features, which is why so many people look for ways to add volume and structure to their pout. After all, nothing screams "sexy" like a luscious lip. 

Dermal fillers are the most commonly used method of lip augmentation (aka the process of plumping lips). They’re an FDA-approved treatment with minimal downtime. And at Anushka Spa, we offer these fillers to our patients in West Palm, Florida. Whether you were born with thin lips or the aging process has caused your lips to thin. There's nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your face with full, natural-looking lips.

How it works

Dermal fillers are injectable and generally made with a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid (HA). Your body naturally produces hyaluronic acid, with the largest amounts found in your eyes and your joints. In fact, hyaluronic acid is what keeps your skin and lips moist. 

During your lip filler procedure, Bonnie Marting, DNP, APRN will examine your lips and thoroughly explain the procedure. Dr. Bonnie uses lip fillers that contain lidocaine so you can sit comfortably. Most patients tolerate the procedure very well and don’t find it to be any more painful than getting their eyebrows threaded.

Not just for your lips

Dermal fillers aren’t just for your lips. The treatment is also commonly used to correct acne scars and skin unevenness. Other treatment areas include:


Instant & long-lasting results

Unlike Botox, dermal fillers are fast-acting so you’ll notice immediate results after your procedure. However, we suggest coming in three weeks before any big event to make sure you have time to heal. The long-lasting results of lip fillers make the treatment incredibly worthwhile. 


Plastic surgery used to be the only option for those looking to enhance their lips. But not everyone's comfortable going under the knife. That's where dermal fillers come in. They require no incisions, stitches, or anesthesia. Plus, there are fewer risks. With that said, you still have instructions to follow after the treatment. 

Mild bruising and swelling aren't uncommon after treatment and generally disappear after a week. If you experience any discomfort, apply a cold compress to the treatment area up to fifteen minutes per hour. You may take Tylenol to help reduce pain but stay away from NSAID drugs like Aspirin and Ibuprofen.

Get a pillowy pout today

Are you insecure about your thin lips? You don't have to be anymore! Schedule an appointment today and we'll give you the pout of your dreams. Call 561-468-6896 or book online

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