Forget the Contour Kit — Restore Lost Volume

While it’s true that we can hide a lot of facial imperfections walking around in masks, it is nearly impossible to hide lost volume in cheeks. As we are moving along in life, and sometimes just due to our heredity, the youthful projection in the cheek area declines. The resulting appearance is a rather sullen, unhappy look, regardless of what you feel inside. Thankfully, this dilemma is easily remedied.

Two Rock Stars

There are two products that alleviate this issue easily: Juvéderm Voluma®, and Sculptra. The effective mechanism of these two stars is vastly different, but the result is similar. Both treatments are extremely easy.

Juvéderm Voluma: A hyaluronic acid filler manufactured for the sole purpose of treating the cheek area. The highly cross-linked product is placed deep on top of the bony structure forming the cheek. The immediate and beautiful effect is a soft contouring that not only takes one back several years (or corrects the original flaw of nature) but leaves an aura of positivity and confidence. The result is a “wow”, but no one else really knows why. They just know that you look great.

Sculptra Aesthetic®: This product is lactic acid particles that is simply a strong collagen stimulant. When expertly placed, the new strong collagen growth will mimic and replace the lost bone, lost fat, and lost collagen in your skin. The result takes you back years…in a truly natural and beautiful way. We aren’t making “big cheeks” or “round faces”, just wonderfully contoured, youthful, healthy faces. The only caveat is that with Sculptra it takes a while to see results because your body has to make the new you. But it will. In a few short months, your look is yours for years.

Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, APRN Bonnie K. Marting, DNP, APRN, is a renowned aesthetic and laser specialist. Clients from all over the world value her deep knowledge of facial anatomy and her ability to transform their look with a light and natural touch at Anushka Medical Spa in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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