The luxurious Anushka Medical Spa surrounds its clients with nearly endless possibilities for enhancing beauty and creating the look of their dreams. Anushka Medical Spa is nestled within a 12,000 square-foot penthouse beauty emporium in West Palm Beach, Florida, making it, truly, a one-stop destination for all personal aesthetic needs. Everyone from celebrities to first-time clients are attended to by highly trained experts who have the skill and artistry to transform them from head to toe.

Anushka Medical Spa is helmed by beauty expert and doctor of nursing practice Bonnie K. Marting, DNP, APRN. Dr. Bonnie personally trains all of the injectors, body contouring professionals, and aestheticians at Anushka Medical Spa. Their holistic and natural approach to beauty ensures that each woman and man always looks like the best version of themselves, with improvements that support and harmonize with their natural radiance.

At Anushka Medical Spa, women and men from New York to Palm Beach rejuvenate their skin and eliminate unwanted hair, unsightly veins, and hyperpigmentation with state-of-the-art Nd:YAG laser and radiofrequency therapies. The aesthetic team offers Cutera® Laser Genesis®, Pearl®, and CoolGlide® treatments.

Brides-to-be, celebrities, and people of all ages, ethnicities, and genders can reshape and smooth the contours of their face and body with Kybella@, WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure®, Venus Legacy™, and Reaction™ by Viora. A series of these nonsurgical treatments eliminates unwanted fat and cellulite without downtime or the need for recovery.

The Anushka Medical Spa team replenishes lost facial volume with Sculptra Aesthetic®, Juvéderm®, and Restylane® dermal fillers. They even create instant facelifts with Nova® threads, turning back the clock by a decade or more in under an hour. To find out why Anushka Medical Spa clients return time after time and year after year, book a consultation by calling the friendly receptionists or using the online form.



  • The Anushka Method

    The Anushka Philosophy has been celebrated by our diverse, international clientele for over two decades from New York to the Palm Beaches for our natural, discreet and sophisticated results. In our Med Spa, our passion is to help each and every patient flourish with confidence that radiates from the inside, out.

    Located in the heart of the Palm Beaches, Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP APRN, works with her patients to create customized solutions that work synergistically to meet their goals and enhance their beauty and wellbeing to the fullest extent. With over 20 years of aesthetic practice, her approach offers both the latest techniques and most revolutionary products, to deliver impactful and lasting results. Our team of experienced and coveted providers work in tandem, offering a range of cutting edge and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments, from expert injections to state-of-the-art laser and light therapies. We welcome patients of all walks of life and encourage you to bring any question or concern to your consultation. Our customized solutions work synergistically to enhance your beauty and well-being in a world class environment.

 Our Medical Team

  • Dr. Bonnie Marting, DNP, APRN

    Director of Medical Aesthetics

    Bonnie K. Marting, DNP, APRN, is a renowned aesthetic and laser specialist. Clients from all over the world value her deep knowledge of facial anatomy and her ability to transform their look with a light and natural touch at Anushka Medical Spa in West Palm Beach, Florida.

    Dr. Bonnie earned her bachelor’s in nursing from Barry University in Miami and her masters in nursing at Graceland University’s family nurse practitioner program. She then received her doctor of nursing practice (DNP) from Rush University in Chicago in 2007-2008. She also underwent specialized aesthetic medical training at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center in Baltimore.

    Prominent members of the medical and pharmaceutical communities seek out Dr. Bonnie’s knowledge and expertise. She served on the Facial Aesthetics Advisory Board of Allergan Medical Affairs and is a Certified National Trainer and Speaker for Allergan®, the parent company for Botox Cosmetic®. She is a national speaker and trainer for Galderma Aesthetics and is one of the elite members of the GEN NOW training program.

    She’s also on the faculty of Allergan Medical Institute and was selected to be a member of its Ambassador Training Group. Dr. Bonnie has trained more than 500 physicians and medical professionals in her pain-free injection techniques and other procedures.

    In addition to helping her celebrity and non-celebrity clients at Anushka Medical Spa create the best versions of themselves possible, Dr. Bonnie shares her knowledge with the general public in the books she authored, "Beauty Secrets Doctors Save For Celebrities" and "Beautiful, Even In This Economy.” She’s also written advanced medical training journals, corporate training manuals, and scholarly articles on aesthetics.

    Mostly, though, Dr. Bonnie is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their aesthetic goals and to serving the local West Palm Beach community. She’s served on the board of directors of the Florida Nurses Association, as president of the Nurse Practitioner Council of Palm Beach County, and as an advisory board member of The Sophia Palmer Nurses Risk Retention Insurance Group. She’s also co-founder of the Florida Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses.

  • Steven Fagien, MD, FACS

    Oculoplastic Surgeon

    Dr Steven Fagien is in private surgical practice in Boca Raton, Florida.

    In addition to his extensive organizational and volunteer involvement, Dr Fagien is a member of numerous professional organizations that span the specialties, including the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the American Society of Dermatological Surgeons. His areas of expertise are in aesthetic eyelid plastic surgery, advanced applications of neuro-modulators and various forms of injectable agents for facial aesthetic enhancement.

    Dr Fagien has more than 34 years of experience with Botulinum toxin type A. He continues to participate in FDA- and investigator-initiated clinical trials using Botulinum toxin type A for expanded application in facial aesthetics along with a host of hyaluronic acid products and other injectable rejuvenation agents. He is a consultant for the world’s largest industry producers and distributors of injectable agents and plastic surgery products/devices as well as many multi-specialty advisory/consensus groups.

    Dr Fagien has edited, authored, or contributed to more than 350 articles, abstracts, book chapters, and texts (including his latest text; the fourth edition of Cosmetic Oculoplastic Surgery) and has made more than 500 presentations nationally and internationally. He is an associate editor for the prestigious Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as an editor for the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal. He has been profiled in numerous publications, including Allure, W, Vogue, New Beauty, OK, Tattler, and More, as well as Best Doctors in America. Recently, Dr Fagien was named one of W magazine’s world’s best plastic surgeons specializing in eyelids and as one of the nation’s best eyelid plastic surgeons by More magazine and The New York Times.

  • Liza Bonilla

    Lead Esthetician

    Liza is one-half of Anushka Med Spa’s incredible aesthetics team. With over 30 years of experience spanning New York to the Palm Beaches, she fell in love with giving back to her trade through education. After prestigious roles as the Director of Education for all cosmetology programs in south Florida, Assistant Campus Director, and cosmetology curriculum writer, she found her home at Anushka Med Spa with a renewed approach inspired by her time as an educator. Liza believes in a truly curated and unique treatment plan for each of her patients, specializing in Venus Legacy, microneedling, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. She pours her passion to each patient experience with her authenticity, empathy, and results-driven approach. 

  • Summer Tukey

    Body Sculpting Specialist

    Body Contouring Specialist and Makeup Artist Summer is a true believer that self-confidence stems from inner beauty, with proper self-care and exercise. Summer is passionate about helping her guests uncover their healthiest bodies and inspires others by educating them on nutrition & exercise to help smooth, tighten, and tone to keep their bodies looking their best. She brings a deeper understanding of what it means to “be well,” and works to give each of her patients the fullest experience from beginning to end. Her holistic vision is always evolving to meet each individual patient where they are, putting herself in their shoes and valuing their perspective. She is thrilled to be part of the Anushka Med Spa team and can’t wait to put her experience to work!

  • Uslin Wood

    Master Aesthetician

    Uslin brings over 25 years of experience to Anushka Medical Spa as a master aesthetician. As one of the most sought after aestheticians in Palm Beach she is praised for her expertise in problematic skin, including extreme dryness to cystic acne. She is highly trained in advanced aesthetics work, including Venus Legacy for tightening and toning the facial area, as well as combining radio frequency with microneedling patients. Uslin’s brillianting integrated approach to her devoted patients often results in her crafting unique regimes, tailored for each individual she treats. Her eternally positive attitude creates an inviting atmosphere that once you’ve experienced, you’ll never want to leave.

  • Ann Messina

    Medical Concierge

    Ann is the social butterfly here at Anushka Medical Spa. Even though she’s a seasoned vet to the medical and esthetics fields, she approaches each and every day with renewed energy, excitement, and dedication. We love the joy she brings to her work, and her passion for patient care is unrivaled. Ann’s career spans surgical coordinator for hair restoration to spa management, client relations director to dermatology. She has a keen eye for beauty and fashion, a solution-oriented mind,  a penchant for detail, and love of our patients and everything she does here at Anushka Med Spa. As our Medical Concierge, it only makes sense that a woman with a passion for all facets of beauty can help our patients look like a true work of art.

  • Elizabeth Montavon

    Marketing Director

    Elizabeth is not shy to the world of beauty. Her personal knowledge of the industry from the perspective of a patient makes her role as Anushka Med Spa Marketing Director truly authentic. She has a vast knowledge of advertising and consumer psychology and has worked with industry greats to craft unique and memorable brands. She brings with her a deeper understanding of what it means to tell a story and works to give you the fullest experience of that story beginning to end. Her vision is always evolving and is centered on the patients' individual, referencing what it's like to be in the chair herself. Elizabeth is also a professional water skier and U.S. team member, having garnered three Olympic medals and nine national titles thus far in her career. 

Facial Super Sculpters



    An amazing collagen stimulant with multiple purposes. Sculptra consists of micro particle of poly-L-Lactic acid. These particles are sharp but tiny, so you don’t perceive them but your body wants to cover them with collagen. Depending upon placement and amount this can result in significant facial volume mimicking the bone and fat that was lost over time, or just improving the integrity of the skin. The outcome is your face the way it was several years earlier.



    Kybella is deoxycholic acid…a secondary bile acid produced by the liver to help with fat absorption. While the acid of Kybella is synthetic, the body does not recognize it as foreign, therefore everyone responds to the product the same way. Kybella is FDA approved to treat submental fat, or the “double chin” that some people have from heredity, others from age or increased weight. Since Kybella will kill off fat cells when injected directly into the target area, it is being used in many hard-to-lose fat deposits all over the body. Common areas are bra-fat pads, lower abdominal fat pockets, inner knees, inner and outer thighs, and back fat to name a few. Since it destroys the fat cell, the fat that is lost does not return in that targeted area.

  • VOLUMA &


    These are hyaluronic acids that are specially created to provide lift when injected just above the bone in the cheek area. As we lose bone and fat in the face, we begin to notice a hollowing of the cheek area that makes us look almost sad. Replacing that lost fat and bone with these products results in a happy, rested look.



    Sounding too good to be true, the simple insertion of some rough suture material can truly mimic a mild face lift and make you look fresher, firmer, and better. The threads are made of polydioxanone, an absorbable material that has been used for decades in medicine as sutures that are placed under the skin to reabsorb as time goes on. These particular threads are treated to make them rough, or barbed, so that when inserted with a cannula (a smooth metal insertion tool) they will adhere to your underlying tissues, allowing them to be pulled taut to readjust sagging skin. Your body will then start to absorb them but will place its own collagen around them until they are fully absorbed. This results in new, heathy collagen taking the place of the thread which further increases the tightening effect of the original placement.

Body Sculpting



    WarmSculpting with FDA-cleared SculpSure is a body-contouring technique that uses the power of heat to gently melt away areas of excess fat on your trunk, upper arms, and thighs. SculpSure’s laser energy disrupts the integrity of up to 20% of fat cells in the treated area so that they can’t hold fat any longer. As the cells break down, your body processes them and excretes them over the next few weeks.

    Within 3-6 months, you’ll notice the difference when you measure the treated area with a tape measure. Depending on how many treatments you received, you can lose between 1-3 inches of fat. You may need a series of up to three treatments to achieve optimal results.



    Viora Reaction is an exclusive technology that utilizes variable radio-frequency produced heat along with vacuum to not only diminish the appearance of cellulite but also increase skin firmness and health. The treatment is extremely comfortable and is often compared to a hot stone massage.



    Sculptra consists of Poly-L-Lactic acid particles that stimulate the growth of collagen. When a dilute mixture (the injected Sculptra is in the form of a suspension) is injected and spread out just under the skin in areas that need tightening, collagen is stimulated and new, tight collagen replaces the old, lax skin. The result is an even, tighter, and healthier skin area. It is used in the upper arms, abdomen, cellulite, knee wrinkles, inner thigh laxity, and uneven areas after liposuction. While areas are most often improved with one treatment, several treatments may be necessary to achieve one’s desired goals.



    The Venus Legacy is a non-invasive, pain-free method of skin tightening and mild fat reduction. This unique technology combines Multipolar Radio Frequency with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to comfortably heat tissue and promote new collagen growth resulting in tighter, younger looking skin. In addition, its VariPulse™ technology utilizes mild suction to create a deeper, more efficacious heating for optimal results.


Full Face Rejuvenation



    The upper face consists of the eyes, eye brows, forehead and temple area. A common site for Botox or other neuromodulators, the forehead can be smoothed out for many people. For those with a bit of sagging forehead skin, Botox is not the best answer. Treating the crow’s feet with Botox, Dysport, or Jeuveau can raise your eyebrows and make your eyes look brighter or less tired. Often as we are aging the temples become hollowed, leaving the face looking old and fragile. Some deeply placed Sculptra in the temple will result in a youthful, refreshed look that will persist for at least a few years. If the eyebrows are heavy or there are sagging lids but one is not yet ready for a blepharoplasty PDO threads can help. The eyebrow and lower forehead skin can be re-aligned and elevated to created a “fresh and rested” look.

    Upper Face:

    • Botox for smoothing “11’s”, lifting eyelids, smoothing forehead
    • PDO threads for a more direct lifting of forehead and eyelids
    • Sculptra for hollowed temples


    The midface is where we lose a lot of volume from fat and bone loss. As the midface deflates we tend to appear tired, haggard, and just plain negative. Replacing the loss with some volume will restore that youthful look of a few years ago. Sculptra is a great product for this area. The new collagen growth will mimic the bone and fat that were once there. It also makes the skin look healthier. It takes about 4 weeks to begin to see its effects. Juvéderm Voluma or Restylane Lyft will correct the fat loss immediately, resulting in a more positive presentation. It takes about 10 minutes and will last for about 1 to 1.5 years, depending upon the amount of product used. The area under the eyes tend to deflate also resulting in what appears to be dark circles. In many cases it is simply due to the valley that is now left from the earlier deflation. Delicately and expertly placing some Restylane or Restylane Silk under the eye area will once again reflect the light thereby erasing the look of dark circles. You look awake and refreshed! When there is enough volume but it is sagging…employing some PDO threads in the right places.



    The lower face is always of major concern because it is the busiest area. The mouth is talking, chewing, making faces, and eventually all that movement begins to etch in the skin as we lose collagen production, fat under the skin, and the muscles hypertrophy. Basically, the muscles are grabbing onto the skin. Additionally, as we lose some of the fat and structures in the face, the natural descension ends up presenting as jowls. For the fine lines and wrinkles, some unique fillers can fill in those etched area such as Restylane Refyne or Juvederm Vollure. As the lips age, fat and volume is lost, making them appear as a deflated balloon. There are a number of fillers that can re-plump (doesn’t mean huge) the lips elegantly. FDA cleared fillers for this area are Restylane-L, Restylane Silk, Juvéderm Ultra, and Juvéderm Volbella. However Restylane Refyne or Restylane Defyne can work wonders in lips that need refreshing but want a soft, movable look. Jowls are another issue that very few people can escape. For a quick fix some Botox, Dysport or Jeuveau in the jowls can lift them and almost make them disappear in some cases. That effect is only about 3 months though. If there is a heavy fat deposit causing jowling, some carefully placed Kybella will remove the excess fat and allow for a more defined jawline. The finished result will take about 6 weeks though, and then it may be determined that another treatment is warranted. Once the fat is removed (if that is necessary) some judiciously place threads can readjust the area by lifting the sagging skin. This often takes 3-4 threads on each side but the effect is immediate and actually improves over the next few months.



    The neck is frequently the reason folks opt for a face lift. Sometimes it is a neck lift with lower face and sometimes the whole face. For many people though, that may not yet need to happen. There are tighteners that will help reduce the amount of sagging skin in the neck such as Venus Legacy. This device uses radio frequency to heat the tissue, destroying some aging collagen fibers and creating brand new, healthy, tighter ones. It usually takes a series of 6-8 to achieve longer lasting results. Once that treatment is complete, placing some strong threads along the jawline, then in the neck itself can readjust the skin. Your body will begin to absorb the thread while throwing new collagen around it thereby increasing the effect of the tightening. Multiple smaller threads are placed in areas that appear crepe-like in order to restore new collagen to that area. A one-of-a-kind treatment cream is also utilized – Nectifirm® by Revision Skincare will facilitate the growth and the end result will leave friends wondering if a facelift actually occurred.

 Conditions and Procedures



    • Abdomen Definition
    • Buttock Lift
    • Cellulite Reduction
    • Hand Rejuvenation
    • Liquid Facelift
    • Nose Reshaping
    • PDO Thread Lift
    • RF Microneedling



    • Abdomen Definition
    • Acne Scars
    • Broken Capillaries
    • Cellulite
    • Dark Under Eyes
    • Double Chin
    • Hyperhidrosis
    • Hyperpigmentation
    • Hypopigmentation
    • Large Pores



    • Melasma
    • Scars
    • Skin Laxity
    • Stubborn Fat
    • Sun Damage
    • Volume Loss to Face
    • Wrinkles and Fine Lines


SculpSure treatments help you safely reduce stubborn fat in problem areas such as the belly, love handles, back and thighs -- with a treatment plan that is customized to the results you desire.

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